The Rustic Rover Company

DEFRA Accredited Wood Fired Oven

Our Land Rover Defender has a Wood Fired Oven installed with DEFRA accreditation, to enable it to be operated anywhere in Britain, including in smokeless zones. This ensures full compliance with environmental regulations as an exempt appliance from Section 20 of the Clean Air Act 1993.


Legally, any appliance that emits smoke from a chimney or flue must comply with DEFRA regulations, before it can be used. The DEFRA accreditation stipulates the type of wood fuel that can be used to comply as an exempt fireplace - our oven must use untreated, dry wood. We use only food grade Gozney or ‘O Sole Mio il Faggetto super-compressed 100% pure beech briquettes. Safe cooking is ensured as no chemicals, additives or binders are used in manufacture of the briquettes.


Our oven’s emissions have been calculated by DEFRA and are deemed to not be damaging to the environment.  

Gozney Beech Briquettes

In the UK and Ireland, the recognised process by which we identify compliance with REGULATION (EC) No 852/2004 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL by implementing HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points). This is a systematic methodology to ensure levels of food health and hygiene and compliance with the European regulation.


The Rustic Rover Company, as a food provider/caterer must perform a risk assesment on our suppliers of food, meat, cheese etc. Additionally, the wood fuel used in a food environment must be free from bacteria, mould and contaminants, be appropriately boxed and appropriately wrapped in transit to avoid cross contamination.


The Gozney and Sitta 'O Sol Mio Il Faggetto 100% Beech Briquettes test all the raw materials, and operate their factories in such a manner to ensure a food-grade quality product. Their products are 100% certified compliant with all food safety legislation. All Gozney source wood is PEFC certified for Sustainable forestry.

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